Just when you thought Fresh ‘n Fruity couldn’t be any better for you, we’ve gone and made it fat free. Fresh ‘n Fruity lite has the same real fruit you’ll find in all our yoghurt, but with 60%* less sugar, added calcium, vitamins A & D, and it’s a low GI alternative to our regular range. *Excludes Pineapple Passion.

Fresh ‘n Fruity regular is a range of everybody’s favourite yoghurt recipes. They all combine fresh yoghurt with real fruit, are 97% fat free, and contain extra calcium, and vitamins A & D.

Okay, so this yoghurt is more about the ‘Fresh’ than the ‘Fruity’. Fresh ‘n Fruity Greek yoghurts are thick and creamy with a mild, delicious flavour, making them great for cooking, baking, dips, dressings and sauces, and the perfect alternative to ice cream.