What are Fresh ‘n Fruity Yoghurt Pouches and what flavours are available?

Fresh ‘n Fruity Pouch is a delicious yoghurt snack which is conveniently held in a 150g pouch.

Fresh ‘n Fruity Pouch comes in a variety of flavours, including; Dreamy Lemon, Boysenberry and Cream, and Vanilla Bean.

Where can you buy Fresh ‘n Fruity Pouch?

Fresh ‘n Fruity Pouch is available at Countdown, New World and Pak ‘n Save supermarkets nationwide. If you are having problems finding Fresh ‘n Fruity Pouch please contact us on 0800 103 778 or email support@anchor.co.nz

Is Fresh ‘n Fruity Pouch New Zealand Made?

Yes, Fresh ‘n Fruity Pouch is made right here in New Zealand using fresh Anchor milk.

Is Fresh ‘n Fruity Pouch a good source of calcium?

Yes. Fresh ‘n Fruity Yoghurt Pouch is a good source of calcium, with around a quarter of a child’s daily calcium requirements in every 150g serve. However, calcium requirements do vary, depending on age and gender.

Is Fresh ‘n Fruity Yoghurt Pouch okay to eat regularly?

Yes. New Zealand dietary guidelines recommend children have at least 2-3 serves of core dairy products (milk, cheese and yoghurt) every day. One 150g pouch of Fresh ‘n Fruity Yoghurt counts as one serve towards your child’s daily dairy intake. Fresh ‘n Fruity Yoghurt is also registered with Fuelled4Life, the programme for healthy eating in schools and early childhood education services. You can check out the Fuelled4Life programme and products at http://www.fuelled4life.org.nz/.  If you would like dietary advice tailored to your child’s specific needs, we recommend you speak with a health professional.

How much sugar is in Fresh ‘n Fruity Pouch?

Fresh ‘n Fruity Yoghurt Pouch contains around 10-13g sugar per 100g (depending on the flavour).

Is Fresh ‘n Fruity Yoghurt Gluten Free?

Yes, Fresh ‘n Fruity Yoghurt is Gluten Free.

Is Fresh ‘n Fruity Yoghurt suitable for vegetarians?

No, Fresh ‘n Fruity Yoghurt Pouch contains gelatine to give the yoghurt the thick, smooth texture so is not suitable for vegetarians.

Is Fresh ‘n Fruity Yoghurt Halal?

No, not all the ingredients found in Fresh ‘n Fruity are certified Halal.

Is Fresh ‘n Fruity Yoghurt okay if I’m Lactose intolerant?

Lactose intolerance is a condition where people may be unable to tolerate significant quantities of lactose (the naturally occurring sugar in milk) as they have a shortage of the enzyme (lactase) which breaks the lactose down in order to digest it. The severity and symptoms of lactose intolerance may vary from person to person but many people may be able to consume some dairy products, such as hard cheese – which is naturally very low in lactose – and yoghurt – which contains live cultures which have already broken down some of the lactose.

Lactose intolerance is different to cow’s milk allergy which is a severe and potentially life threatening condition where all dairy products must be strictly avoided. Fresh and Fruity Pouch Yoghurt is NOT suitable for someone with a dairy or cow’s milk allergy.

If you have questions about lactose intolerance or dairy/cow’s milk allergy, speak with a health professional for confirmation and advice specific to your child’s needs.

What are the allergens in Fresh ‘n Fruity Yoghurt?

The main allergen present in all Fresh ‘n Fruity Yoghurt is milk. Some flavours do contain sulphites from the fruit and this information can be found on the label under the ingredients list.

Can you put the Fresh ‘n Fruity Yoghurt pouches in the freezer?

You could put the Fresh ‘n Fruity Yoghurt pouches in the freezer, however it might make it a bit tricky to drink the yoghurt! The great thing about the pouch is that it provides a mess-free way for little ones to enjoy Fresh ‘n Fruity yoghurt. For best results we recommend refrigerating below 4 degrees Celsius.

Is there added sugar in a Fresh ‘n Fruity Yoghurt?

Yes, around 2% of the sugar in Fresh ‘n Fruity Pouch is lactose (milk sugar) which naturally occurs in the milk we use to make our products. The remainder comes from fructose sugars naturally present in the fruit or natural sugar (sucrose) which we add to Fresh ‘n Fruity.

Why have you added sugar to Fresh ‘n Fruity Yoghurt?

A small amount of sugar can be helpful to improve the taste of nutrient-rich foods like yoghurt – just as you might add honey and fruit to unsweetened yoghurt at home.