Yoghurt belongs with so many more things than just the pottle it comes in. It can be an ingredient, an accompaniment and a dressing. Most people know that a dollop of yoghurt on your cereal in the morning is much more exciting than milk, but here are a few more ways to incorporate the goodness of yoghurt into your life.

  • smoothies



    Add yoghurt to your smoothie as a nutritious alternative to ice cream.

  • soups and  curries


    Try thickening soup with a spoonful of natural yoghurt.

  • dressings


    Whip up a salad dressing with natural yoghurt, lemon juice and mint (and a dash of salt and pepper).

    Replace mayonnaise with natural yoghurt for a healthier potato salad (and add a drop of Tobasco or curry powder for extra interest.) The same works with beetroot.

    Dress a steak with a mixture of natural yoghurt, orange juice and wholegrain mustard.

  • muffins and bread


    Yoghurt is a great way to make muffins and bread lighter. Simply replace the fat content with natural Fresh ‘n Fruity for a more healthy version of your favourite recipes.

  • desserts


    A spoonful of yoghurt is a wonderful accompaniment to desserts like fruit crumble and sponges. It’s also healthier than cream or ice cream!